Prudence. Transparency. Integrity. Perseverance.


Identify, manage and add value in real estate assets through prudent and responsible management that ensures an attractive offer to visitors to our centers and protect the legacy of our investors.


Veracruz Properties Socimi S.A. enters the Spanish market through the acquisition of Plaza Mayor Gandia and Plaza Mayor Xativa, thus initiating its ambitious project of expansion by Spain in commercial real estate with the opportunity of commercialization and surplus value. During 2016, it acquired the Parla Natura Shopping Park and an important percentage of the El Arcángel Shopping Center in Córdoba. In 2018, in order to continue with the strategy of the company, Veracruz has diversified its business portfolio by acquiring an office plant in the center of Valencia and two geriatric residences; one in Valencia capital and another in Torrente, a city near Valencia. Veracruz Properties Socimi, maintains a long-term expansion plan always under the guidelines of a prudent and dedicated management of a multidisciplinary group of professionals.

Veracruz Properties, first valencian socimi in the Stock Exchange.

With a portfolio valued at 116 million, it starts with a price of 32.6 euros per share.

Veracruz Properties Socimi, S.A, a company that owns real estate assets for rent and specialized in the management of its shopping centers, has gone out this morning to the Stock Exchange with a reference price of 32.6 euros per share, which has resulted from an assessment of its assets of 116 million euros and equity value of 76.7 million euros.  READ MORE