San Juan Residence

It is located in the northwest of the centre of Valencia Capital. It is a proximity residence, due to the fact of being located in the city.
– Built Surface: 1,819 square meters.
– Tenant: Groupe Omega, a group of companies with more than thirty years of experience managing 17 geriatric residences in France and Spain.
– Facilities: The residence offers its services for disable, autonomous and assisted users, temporarily or permanently, which include assistance for the daily life of the elderly with dependency. It offers attention 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It has several rooms in which residents can exercise their physical and cognitive skills. It has a physiotherapy room where residents can perform some light physical activity promoting their autonomy. It also has a large common room where individual or collective activities are carried out to improve intellectual capacity and social integration.
– Rooms: the residence has shared and individual rooms with a total capacity of 82 residential places. Every room has the maximum comforts.
– Outdoor areas: it has a large interior terrace where the elderly can go out and enjoy the outdoors without having to go outside. The terrace is wide enough for recreational activities or to cultivate an ecological garden where users can entertain while having a pleasant time. In addition, the residence has direct access to a public park, so that residents can take long walks.